10 Plugins You Need For Starting A New Blog

When starting a new blog it’s essential that you have he right tools and that you set your blog up properly other wise you could effect your user experience and you could also affect your sites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

In my experience there are just some plugins that are a must for any blog and you should have them from the day you start your blog. They will help you to create a better blog and also help to create a more pleasing user experience.

Note: I have linked the titles to the pages where you will be able to find the plugin and if I’ve mentioned more than one plugin I’ve put the links in the description, make sure you check them out and use them!

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10 Plugins Your New Blog Should IncludeAkismetThis cool little plugin will detect all the spam comments that will be eft on your blog. Spam is a huge issue on the Internet and if you don’t have something to deal with it you could find you spend most of your day…